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addicted to  nutrition
by marisa fernández
personalized nutrition & lifestyle

Get healthy & lean with me//

Message from Marisa


I founded Nutraholics on the basic idea that 80-90% of chronic diseases, as well as obesity, are preventable with a combination of healthy eating and lifestyle habits. My approach is personalized; I base my recommendations on science-based data and adapt my method to suit your individual needs, preferences and goals. My desire is to help you feel and look your best ever. My greatest ambition is to contribute to create a healthier world.



Welcome to Nutraholics!
Personalized Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching for people who want to feel and look their best



Book a complementary

'30-minute Breakthrough Session' with me!


This a totally FREE 30-minute session with me to help us find out if the Nutraholics approach is right for you. During this session we will discover what's holding you back and look at ways I could help you develop a successful plan to reach your weight loss goals.


Get in touch with me to schedule a FREE 30 minute call, via phone or Skype, to discuss your individual needs and see how I could help you, without commitment.


👉Book your FREE '30-minute Breakthrough Session' with me NOW.

change begins with a choice //

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