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12-Week Bikini Ready //

12-Week Bikini Ready

Weight loss programme






Summer is around the corner, which means holidays, outdoor activities and –ready or not- swimsuit season!



When it comes to performance these days more and more people from the famous- Oprah, Bill Clinton, Hugh Jackman to the person in the street -entrepreneurs, young executives, lawyers- are employing the services of professional coaches. There are money coaches, business coaches, academic coaches, the list goes on.



If you want to get from point A to point B a coach can provide the (healthy) short-cut! A nutrition and lifestyle coach has an in-depth knowledge of healthy eating for weight loss, lifestyle strategies that work and the psychology of eating can be your secret weapon. 



The problem is most people don’t know enough about nutrition, motivation and how the body actually works. We’re all blasted with diverse information and half-truths from the media that we’re left confused and probably misinformed. We then drift from one fad diet after another and never enjoy the long-term benefits keeping the weight off. Sound familiar?



The 12-Week Bikini Ready is an exclusive comprehensive personalized program that I have created to support weight loss (while optimizing health and energy levels).

Who is the 12-Week Bikini Ready Program for?

The 12-Week Bikini Ready is a programme for someone who…


is healthy and want to lose 6-10 kg in 3 months (13-22 pounds) <see below>

wants to lose weight in a safe way, keeping the metabolism in good shape

is willing to change your habits to transform the body

wants to lose weight and keep it off permanently

wants to learn tips and tricks to maintain  weight while on holidays

wants to optimize  health

wants to increase  energy


People who have more weight to lose

The 12-Week Bikini Ready program can still be done. I would need to provide extra support for a little longer.

Crash diets don't work!

While it is in theory possible to temporarily lose more weight on a crash diet (these are very low calorie diets), starvation diets always backfire. People often end up gaining all the weight back shortly afterwards. Besides, this yo-yo dieting can impact the way your body regulates weight, making it more difficult for you to lose weight in the long term. So I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone and this is not the way I work with clients. Your health always comes first.



Working with a nutrition coach involves:

*Analyse current diet, look at possible imbalances as well as understand needs and preferences

*Design a personalized nutrition plan for weight loss

*Address any possible nutritional imbalances to optimize health

*Enhance  workouts for body shapping

*Improve  sleep and manage  stress levels to keep hormones supporting weight loss

*Monitor progress to stay on track

*Apply troubleshooting tools to kick-start any stubborn weight and/or get over a plateau 

*Introduce new dietary and lifestyle changes every two weeks

*Have a short catch-up call every other week to course-correct, deal with barriers, and keep motivation up



I am here to make it easy and enjoyable.

Programme description

📆12 weeks

👉Start Anytime



Week 01: Initial consultation

This is when we have a look at your current diet and lifestyle habits, identify any possible imbalances, set inspiring goals and uncover barriers


Weeks 02-05: Reset Phase

This phase is about introducing new habits that support weight loss, with personalized meal plans and targeted lifestyle strategies, with achievable steps, tracking your progress and keeping your motivation up


Week 06: Recalibration Session

We reevaluate your weight-loss progress, have a deep look into the root cause of weight loss resistance, use laser-focused coaching techniques and apply troubleshooting strategies to get over a plateau


Weeks 07-11: Boost Phase

Based on the Recalibration Session assessment, we implement bespoke diet and lifestyle changes, to enhance weight loss results while keeping your metabolism up


Week 12: Keeping the weight off

We look at your whole weight-loss journey, analyse your progress and learn strategies to keep the weight off for good, with tips and advice on how to navigate restaurant menus and how to stay on track while travelling or during holidays

Session duration

The initial consultation is 90 minutes (online via Skype or in-clinic -Madrid only). The rest of the program alternates 60-minute sessions (online via Skype or in-clinic -Madrid only), followed by 30-minute catch-up calls (via Skype or over the phone).



Regular Price: €1000/ £1100/ $1200

NOW for ONLY: €700/ £770/ $840




More information

I'm offering a complementary

'30-minute Breakthrough Session' with me!


This a totally FREE 30-minute session with me to help us find out more about the 12-Week Bikini Ready Programme. 


Get in touch with me to schedule a FREE 30 minute call, via phone or Skype, to discuss your individual needs and see how I could help you, without commitment.


👉Book a FREE '30-minute Breakthrough Session'.

Have a great Summer!

Always check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle, starting a new exercise program or taking any supplements. Any health conditions or symptoms should be discussed first with a health care professional.

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