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about me //

marisa fernández

BA, MPR, Dip NLC, Cert PSN


I am a professional certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, certification accredited by the Crossfields Institute (UK) and regulated by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in the UK).  I also hold a Certificate in Personalized Sports Nutrition, both qualifications from the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin.


I am also a health advocate, a nutrition-and-lifestyle communicator and a food enthusiast.


I work 1:1 with clients, in-clinic and virtually, online via Skype or over the phone. I also design group programmes for leisure centres and organizations and I give educational talks and seminars on nutrition and lifestyle for optimum health. Get in touch with me to discuss how I could cover your needs or those of your group or organization.


my mission, values & vision //

I believe there are no shortcuts to health. Fad diets don't work long-term, in fact I don't like to use the word 'diet' at all. We have to consistently make good choices, eat a nutritious diet, regularly move our bodies, have the right mindset, get proper rest, manage stress, have meaningful relationships and live life with passion and purpose. 


I believe there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. And because we are all unique my approach is personalized to tailor individual needs and preferences. 


My mission is to become the best nutrition and lifestyle expert that I can be so I can help individuals and communities improve their health.

My values are to provide a first-class service, constantly add value and inspire change. 

My vision is to contribute to a healthier world, by my embracing my purpose, honouring my values and helping others find their own path to optimum health and feeling and looking their best. 

my approach is... //


*Personalized. Because we all have different genetic make-up, needs, tastes and goals. My meal plans and lifestyle strategies are custom-made.

*Holistic. Because I look at the person as a whole and my recommendations address all the areas that support health: nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management and mindset. 

*Non-dogmatic and science-based. I work with clients with different beliefs about nutrition and health, people who, because of their religion, food allergies or personal choice, would eat certain foods and not others. I base my recommendations on the latest research but ultimately I’m interested in helping you find what works for you in agreement with your ultimate needs and core beliefs.
*Focused on sustainable long-term results. So if you are looking for quick-fixes that might undermine your health in the long run, my method is NOT for you.

health is your greatest wealth //
the 5 pillars of optimum health //

These are what I consider the building blocks of optimum health: 


real food & targeted supplementation


exercise & non-exercise movement 'NEAT'


enough quality sleep

* Stress/

stress reduccion and management



visualization, work on beliefs and staying motivated

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