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nutrition & lifestyle coaching //


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching perfectly combines the knowledge and application of functional nutrition, with lifestyle strategies and coaching skills.


During consultation we look at your nutrition, any possible imbalances in your current diet and how to address them in a way that will support your body systems and organs and contribute to optimal health.


At the same time, we look at your lifestyle and ways to improve your sleep, reduce your cravings, manage your stress levels, enhance your workouts and incorporate more movement in your daily life.


With coaching, we identify where you are and where you want to be. We then use some tools to help you set up achievable steps to get there, address any possible barriers, help you build your confidence and stay motivated along the way.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching is a whole body approach that understands ‘you’ as a whole.


I will be working hand-in-hand with you as an ally, sharing the most updated information and applying tools, setting goals and tracking progress, uncovering hidden barriers and keeping you motivated along the way, so you can make the nutrition and lifestyle changes that will help you attain long-lasting results and feel and look your best. 




never settle for anything less than your ideal health. 

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