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lose weight without losing your head //

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Transform your body -in the most fashionable way- with a nutrition coach!



Do you want to lose weight?

Have you tried everything, absolutely everything?

Have you lost weight on a diet only to gain it all back again shortly afterwards?

Do you find you know what to do and yet for some reason don’t do it?


Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Thousands of people struggle with this issue.


Does it mean that you won’t be able to eat your favourite foods ever again?


The answer is absolutely not!


The secret is to eat a healthy nutrient-rich varied diet most of the time and enjoy your treats occasionally.


Plus healthy eating can be delicious and fun!


You’ll discover new flavours, new recipes and tips and tricks to make your favourite dishes healthy.


Overtime your taste buds will change and you’ll start to crave healthy foods.

Here are 3 important things I have learned that might really help you!


1. Successful athletes, leaders and top business people use coaches because they know that it fast-tracks their success. Some even say their coach is their secret weapon.


2. When it comes to weight loss, it’s not only a question of getting the right information. What’s really important is the ability to change habits so you can lose weight progressively and keep it off permanently.


3. Your ‘ideal healthy weight’ is not an event. It’s not a goal you reach through hardship so when you get there you can go back to your old habits and expect the miracle of not gaining it all (or more) back again. Your ‘ideal healthy weight’ is a lifestyle. It is the result of a series of healthy eating and lifestyle habits sustained over time.



BUT, it’s not all about nutrition. A healthy lifestyle for weight loss includes:


* Exercise

* Daily activity

* Good quality sleep

* Stress management

* A positive mindset


Did you know that poor sleep can lead to eating an average of 559 calories more the next day? (1)


And that chronic stress increases hunger and abdominal fat storage? (2)






During our work together:

* We will look at your current diet as well as any possible nutritional imbalances. You will receive a detailed report


* We will design a customized nutritional plan just for you that, on the one hand, meets your nutritional requirements, and on the other, will help you lose weight easily and progressively. All this taking into account your goals, your preferences, your activity level and your schedule


* We will have a look at your lifestyle, your sleep patterns, your stress level, your workout routines and your movement during the day


* We will gradually introduce lifestyle changes, that will help you lose weight in a sustainable way


* We will use coaching and mind-body psychology techniques, to set inspiring goals, eliminate barriers and keep your motivation and confidence up along the program and beyond


* We will look at ways of increasing your energy level, improve your sleep and reduce stress


* You will gain knowledge on healthy eating and how to keep the weight off for good


* You will receive recommendations on eating out, navigating restaurant menus, staying healthy while travelling or during holidays etc.


* Plus I have tons of information, recipes, tips and tricks to make healthier your favourite dishes, as well as anything that you might need to make our work together a success!



I am here to help you.

Work with me and using the latest breakthroughs in nutrition, mind-body psychology and cutting-edge software, I’ll guide you step-by-step to your optimum weight.


Email me now at and get a 20% discount on my 1:1 services.




Book a complementary

'30-minute Breakthrough Session' with me!


This a totally FREE 30-minute session with me to help us find out if the Nutraholics approach is right for you. During this session we will discover what's holding you back and look at ways I could help you develop a successful plan to reach your weight loss goals.


Get in touch with me to schedule a FREE 30 minute call, via phone or Skype, to discuss your individual needs and see how I could help you, without commitment.


👉Book your FREE '30-minute Breakthrough Session' with me NOW.

1. Brondel, L., Romer, M.A., Nougue,s P.M., Touyarou, P. and Davenne D. (2010). Acute partial sleep deprivation increases food intake in healthy men. Am J Clin Nutr, [online].91(6):1550-9. Available here

2. Jackson, S.E., Kirschbaum,, C. and Steptoe, A. (2017). Hair cortisol and adiposity in a population-based sample of 2,527 men and women aged 54 to 87 years. Obesity, [online]. 25(3):539–544. Available here

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