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1:1 Consultations


I offer individual consultations either face-to-facevia Skype or over the phone.

(!) Currently only virtual consultations are available.


Virtual Consultations

Virtual consultations, via Skype or over the phone, are as effective as face-to-face

sessions and you can dial in from the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your

office. Virtual coaching is ideal for people with busy schedules or who don't live nearby.



1:1 consultations typically involve the following:


* Assessment on nutrition and lifestyle habits

* Nutritional imbalance evaluation (macro & micronutrients)

* Diet analysis 

* Nutritional reports

* Goal setting

Custom-made diet plans

* Bespoke lifestyle recommendations

* Progress tracking sheets

* Recipes and fact sheets

* Shopping tips

* Guidance for eating out or when travelling

* Coaching techniques to keep you focused, motivated and on track

* And tons of information that you can take home and apply for years to come 


I use the latest technology to run dietary analysis and to create very precise and personalized meal plans.



Because change doesn’t happen overnight, in fact according to a recent study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit [1], and because I’m interested in long-lasting results, I usually work with clients for a minimum period of three months with sessions running every two weeks (extendable depending on individual needs).


My promise 

By working together and committing to making changes you can improve your health, transform your body and feel amazing. I will give you loads information, strategies and tools so you can make more informed choices. But I cannot make it happen for you -ultimately only YOU can transform your own health and body.



Other Services 

I also design group programs for leisure and spa centres as well as for organizations and I give educational talks and seminars on nutrition and lifestyle for optimum health. 



Complementary '30-minute Breakthrough Session'

This a totally FREE 30-minute session with me to help us discover what's holding you back and look at ways I could help you develop a successful plan to reach your health goals.


Get in touch with me to schedule a FREE 30 minute call, via phone or Skype, to discuss your individual needs and see how I could help you or your organization, without commitment.


👉Book your FREE '30-minute Breakthrough Session' with me NOW.








1. Lally, P., van Jaarsveld, C., Potts, H. and Wardle, J. (2010). How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world. European Journal of Social Psychology, [online]. 40(6):998–1009. Available here.





Energy & Macronutrient Analysis.PNG

Energy & Macronutrient Analysis.PNG



Minerals Analysis.PNG

Minerals Analysis.PNG

Macronutrient Analysis.PNG

Macronutrient Analysis.PNG

Meal Plan Sample.PNG

Meal Plan Sample.PNG

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